rose hip rosehips foraging forage forager free food in the wild october thrifty sustainability

Foraging in October – Free food in the wild


Foraging for food in the wild is a fantastic way to bulk out your meals for free.

rose hip rosehips foraging forage forager free food in the wild october thrifty sustainability

Rose Hips – free food in the wild

It’s also great exercise, great for connecting with nature and great for boosting your self-esteem as you start to discover the wealth of free food that’s just poking out of the ground or dangling off a tree in your local area… if you only know what to look for!

Here is a short list of the kinds of foods that are ready to find and pick in October, each item in the list is a link that will show you a description on Wikipedia, so that you may identify the food correctly before you pick and eat it.

Foraging in October:

Beech nuts    Beefsteak fungus    Blackberries    Blewit    Cauliflower fungus    Cep    Chanterelle    Chickweed    Crab apples    Dandelion root    Elderberries    Fairy-ring Champignon    Field mushrooms    Giant puffball mushrooms    Hazelnut/Cobnuts    Hedgehog fungus    Hops    Horse mushroom   Jack-by-the-hedge    Jelly ear    Juniper    Medlar    Nettle    Oyster mushroom    Parasol mushroom    Rose hips    Rowan    Saffron milk cap    Sea beet    Shaggy cap    Sloe    Sweet chestnuts    Velvet shank    Walnut

For a fantastic Sloe Gin recipe, take a look at this Thrifty Sustainability post: Make it – Sloe Gin

Be safe when foraging, make sure that you are picking something edible and not something poisonous! It is a good idea to use a guide book or to research online before you go foraging. For example, try looking up each of the above on Wikipedia to find an accurate image and description.

I recommend the following books about foraging for free food – they help you to identify, harvest, prepare and preserve your findings:
My favourite is ‘Food for Free‘, because it is a pocket-sized guide that you can take out foraging.

A few self-sufficient, thrifty or off-the-grid selections, including Solar Panel Chargers. Toys and tools that I’m saving up for!

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